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My Purpose, My Passion

My name is Armella and I am a Holistic Health & Life Coach. I have over 25 years of practical implementation and education in health, wellness, fitness and human behavior. 


I have also spent several years in various positions in customer service and in management. Working with and for the public has been gratifying and has given me the opportunity to travel, meet people from all walks of life, experience diverse cultures and share commonalities that we all acquire together.

Throughout my life I have been fascinated with how our bodies and our mind's respond to exercise, nutrition, discipline, behavior modifications, and trauma. I have wanted to get to the root of things that effect our lives and keep us from achieving our desired outcomes.  

In my life, curiosity and higher education has led the way to many discoveries of self and humanity.


Because of my love for athleticism, I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree in Physical Education-Fitness, Health & Nutrition. While going to college, I also received a certification as a personal trainer and cardio kickbox instructor. I trained and instructed classes in a boxing gym north of San Francisco Bay area and helped friends out in my spare time with diets and workout plans.  

While this was fun and having an understanding of physiology was important to me, I realized that I had a bigger desire, purpose, and passion- so I followed it.  I went back to college, graduated with a degree in Psychology and put my  focus on understanding how the mind works and why we make the choices that we do. 

My life purpose and dreams started to fully align at this point.


My purpose

 is to support others that are healing from past traumas, life experiences, poor health habits, abuse, chronic disease diagnosis and other life hacks that often leave us depleted of energy and feeling paralyzed. 


 My mission 

is to help people with life transformation, self-excavation, habit change and personal growth by providing support, guidance, accountability, and education. 

In 2017, I founded a non-profit organization, Peace, Love & Harmony Foundation focused on this very mission. I wanted to do more to make a difference so  I made the decision to continue my education and pursued a Holistic/MBA Health & Life Coaching career. 

Health and Life Coaching has provided me with another way to better serve our population that has a rapidly growing rate of post-traumatic stress, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases. 


Who I am: 

I am a wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, healer, teacher and friend. My journey has been spiritual and I will forever be a student of life. I have been a violinist and mandolinist for 40 years and truly find music to be one of life's greatest gifts. I enjoy making music, dancing, exercise, and eating great food. 

I love meeting people, new friends and making great memories. Traveling, working around the ranch, and spending time outside with my 4-legged buddy, Gypsy are some of my favorite things to do too.  My time spent with my family and friends is cherished and I am grateful for the many blessings in this life that I have received. 

I believe that love is the greatest energy and is my preferred choice of currency.

Since early on, I have surmounted incredible challenges, gained invaluable wisdom from these experiences, and have chosen to seek deep personal development and higher knowledge for a better understanding.

I aim to encourage people to activate their own inner gifts and become heroes of their own lives by releasing past belief systems and pressing into who they were designed to become. I want to give what I and so many others I have known have needed at different points in life. 

We have a choice and we can live a life that matters.

 I want to be the difference in the world.

Armella Harmony Shivers, MHC

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